Ocasio-Cortez ATTACKS Christians – Makes Disgusting Claim!

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has found a new fall guy to explain away the brutal attack on Israel by Palestinian terrorists — Christianity.

In what serves as a distraction from the real culprits, AOC is blaming “Christian Fundamentalism” for the Hamas attack that has claimed more than 1,300 lives, including infants who were executed and, in some cases, beheaded.

“It’s not just Islamic, it’s not just Jewish, it is also Christian,” Ocasio-Cortez said during an appearance on local New York radio station Hot 97/WQHT. “In the United States of America, Christian fundamentalism and nationalism — which has also been extremely anti-Semitic — has also aligned itself with some of the most right-wing and authoritarian and inflammatory powers in the region.”

For the left, everything ultimately rests on Donald Trump’s shoulders, as Ocasio-Cortex noted.

“It’s not a coincidence that when Trump was in power, he moved the embassy to Jerusalem,” the self-avowed socialist said. “There is a ton of fundamentalist literature around revelations in the Bible that leads people to project — incorrectly, by the way.”

In reporting on Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks, Business Insider was quick to note that while “most American Jews” weren’t in favor of the decision, evangelical Christians were strongly supportive of the move. And while the outlet noted that evangelical Christians were “a large constituency within the Republican Party,” there was no mention that seven-in-ten Jews identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party.

In a further assist, the article noted that Christian Zionism “is rooted in biblical prophesies, with some evangelicals believing that the return of Jews to the Holy Land will bring the second coming of Jesus Christ—essentially conflating the modern state of Israel established in 1948 with the biblical land of Israel.”

Readers are told that “many Jews view the Christian Zionist movement as anti-Semitic, given that this biblical view also holds that Jews will eventually either convert to Christianity or die en masse in an epic battle of good versus evil.”

Proving that you can’t get anything past her, AOC proclaimed, “The country that is Israel today is not the Israel of the Bible. The country that is Israel today was established in this century.”

Suffice it to say, social media users were not impressed:

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