Paul Ryan RETURNS – Makes Insane Presidential Announcement…

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan got a brutal reality check on social media after he resurfaced in an interview to rip into former President Donald Trump while praising RINOs who opposed him.

The clueless former congressman, who is now serving on the board of Fox News’s parent company Fox Corp. effectively accused Trump of being a “populist, authoritarian narcissist” during a virtual interview with the advisory firm Teneo. His condescending assessment of the former president who is leading the GOP pack of 2024 contenders by double digits was reinforced when he spoke highly of former Reps. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.)

“Look, Trump’s not a conservative. He’s an authoritarian narcissist. So I think they basically called him out for that,”  Ryan, who served as speaker during Trump’s tenure in the White House, said of Cheney and Kinzinger.

“He’s a populist, authoritarian narcissist. So historically speaking, all of his tendencies are basically where narcissism takes him, which is whatever makes him popular, makes him feel good at any given moment,” Ryan continued his insults in the talk with Teneo Political Risk Advisory Co-President Kevin Kajiwara.

“He doesn’t think in classical liberal-conservative terms. He thinks in an authoritarian way. And he’s been able to get a big chunk of the Republican base to follow him because he’s the culture warrior,” Ryan, who left Congress in 2029, claimed.

“And so I think Adam and Liz stepped out of the flow and called it out and, you know, paid for it. Paid for it with their careers,” he said of the former so-called Republican lawmakers.

“But I think, again, back to my earlier point, I don’t think he is really very good at these jobs unless you’re willing to lose these jobs. And there has to be some line, some principle that is so important to you that you’re just not going to cross so that when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning, look yourself in the mirror. You like what you see,” he continued.

“I think Adam and Liz are brushing their teeth, liking what they see. And I think a lot of people in Congress are good friends of mine who would take the vote back if they could, because I think a lot of these members of Congress, on the second impeachment, they thought Trump was dead. They thought after January 6th, he wasn’t going to have a comeback. He was dead, so they figured ‘I’m not going to take this heat, vote against this impeachment, because he’s gone anyway,’” Ryan told Kajiwara.

“But what’s happened is he’s been resurrected. There’s lots of reasons for that. But he has been. So I think there’s a lot of people who already regret not getting him out of out of the way when they could have,” he added. “So I think history will be kind to those people who saw what was happening and called it out, even though it was at the expense of their personal well-being.”

Ryan’s ongoing anti-Trump views have earned him the ire of the former president’s supporters and others who find his pompous lecturing tiresome.

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