Politician STABBED – A Needle Was Used!

A German populist leader was allegedly stabbed with a syringe in Bavaria before going into shock and having to be rushed to a hospital in the latest reported attack on right-wing leaders across the globe.

(Video Credit: DW News)

Tino Chrupalla, who is a member of the German parliament and co-chairman of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), wound up in intensive care after the incident took place during a political event in Ingolstadt on Wednesday afternoon. He reportedly went into anaphylactic shock just moments before he was due to give a speech, The National Pulse reported.

He complained of sudden pain in his upper arm and other health-related problems after he took selfies with several people, German police said, though German prosecutors indicate that they have yet to find evidence of an assault.

Chrupalla singled out two young men in the crowd after he started feeling ill with cramps, nausea, and dizziness. They were both arrested. Details of the attack are sparse and remain unclear at this point.

The Bavarian police are conducting an investigation into the attack. However, on Thursday the police asserted that “there are no indications that Mr. Chrupalla was approached or attacked,” according to Politico.

The news outlet reported that AfD politician Stephan Protschka called the disturbing incident a “physical assault” on Chrupalla. One political commentator dubbed the incident an “assassination attempt,” according to the Daily Express.

“As it stands now, he probably won’t be able to make any more appearances before the election takes place,” Protschka told the German Press Agency.

Campaign events in Bavaria were subsequently canceled and the co-leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany party was released from the hospital on Thursday. Prosecutors who questioned witnesses say there is “no basis” for the initial reporting that Chrupalla was attacked with a needle.

“The witnesses did not observe the supply of an injection or a physical assault,” read a statement, according to The Hill.

“Prosecutors also confirmed that after a forensic investigation, Chrupalla’s blood tests were all within normal limits. Prosecutors were only able to detect an intake of painkillers ‘within therapeutic range,'” the outlet added. “German prosecutors, however, added that they were continuing their investigation of an alleged physical assault of Chrupalla with additional witness questioning and an examination of Chrupalla’s clothing.”

The alleged attack on Chrupalla “comes just hours after the AfD’s other co-chairman, Alice Weidel, was forced into hiding with her family after authorities found credible evidence of a planned assassination attempt on her life. Weidel was due to give a speech at an AfD event celebrating the German Day of Unity on Tuesday and instead spoke via a video message,” according to the Daily Express.

“There have been a number of attacks on AfD politicians in recent months, with the Bavarian-based party member Andrea Jurca receiving two black eyes and being forced to walk on crutches after a random attack in August. The party’s deputy leader, Beatrix von Storch, was similarly attacked after she was smeared with dog feces while giving a talk last month,” The National Pulse wrote.

The violent and brutal attacks are shocking but unsurprising given the German establishment’s anti-AfD rhetoric that is inflaming tensions. Numerous politicians and lawmakers have attempted to ban the party.

Chrupalla was also “debanked” due to his political affiliations and status this week, according to The National Pulse.

He said during an interview that “on Friday, my account was terminated by Postbank because I am an AfD member,” and added it further proves “how [the AfD] are excluded, discredited” and that free speech is not being tolerated.

Another German news outlet claimed that “conservatives, right-wingers, and identities have had their bank accounts canceled for years… Left-wing networks and journalists are already working diligently to nationalize repression.”

“Debanking came into the political mainstream across the world after Brexit leader Nigel Farage had his private bank accounts terminated by Coutt’s bank in the summer because of his friendship with former President Donald Trump and Tennis player Novak Djokovic, among other trivial reasons,” The National Pulse wrote.

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