Ron DeSantis’ WIFE Has Speech Issue – Media Escorted Out!

Florida’s first lady said voters have the border and the economy on their minds, but had a bit of a hiccup while on the stump for her husband Ron DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis has earned deserved accolades for his no-nonsense business style of running the Sunshine State and many Americans hope he will bring that type of governing to the White House should he win next year’s presidential election.

While giving a short speech to locals in Sheldon, Iowa, Casey DeSantis touted her husband’s success in using line-item vetoes to enact commonsense practices within Florida, according to The only problem is, that Casey allegedly told the crowd her husband could potentially use this method to govern from the federal level, which is not allowed according to the local news outlet.

While it’s not unusual for governors to use line-item vetos to push their agendas, it was deemed unconstitutional in 1998 by the Supreme Court, curtailing its use from the Oval Office.

It was a misspeak that likely went mostly unnoticed by the crowd that seemed more interested in the U.S.’s disastrous southern border and flailing economy.

“They want a Republican in the White House who will shut down our border,” the first lady told the outlet. “Also the economy, it’s not fair to American people when it seems like the harder they are working, the more and more they’re getting behind. So, we have to make sure that we’re reining in the spending both Democrats and Republicans, we have to make sure that the people have the opportunity to get ahead.”

Well, that would be nice!

Casey did “not allow” the media to stay for questions after her speech, according to NwestIowa.

The DeSanits power couple has been spending a lot of time in the key state of Iowa where caucuses are scheduled for January 15.

On Wednesday, DeSantis told a crowd that the D.C. “swamp” has only grown since Donald Trump took the Oval Office in 2016 when he famously promised to drain it. He also blasted the leading (by far) Republican presidential contender for not firing Anthony Fauci, who was instrumental in enabling totalitarian COVID protocols across the country.

DeSantis then touted his record of firing government swamp creatures in Florida and acknowledged that the task will be more difficult on the federal level.

“You’ve got to have a president who’s focused and disciplined” to clean up D.C., DeSantis said before promising to be that someone for eight years if given the chance.

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