Ron DeSantis’ WIFE Makes Unexpected Health Announcement…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ wife has courageously fought cancer while helping her husband run for the presidency, despite vicious attacks from haters labeling her “Walmart Melania.”

Casey DeSantis views the attacks on her looks as a “victory” after her struggle to look presentable during her cancer treatment. Florida’s first lady appears to have turned the slanderous label into something positive, embracing the comparison to former First Lady Melania Trump.

She sat down with conservative commentator Dana Loesch to clap back at those intent on ridiculing the wigs she wore while undergoing treatments for her breast cancer.

Casey DeSantis resolutely stands by her husband as he seeks the GOP 2024 presidential nomination, weathering attacks from both the left and the right, and made that crystal clear during the interview.

“How do you navigate that, especially in this political environment, and just [this] media age?” Loesch asked Casey DeSantis on Tuesday, ticking off a number of insults that have been thrown at her over the last few years.

DeSantis responded that she had to hold her breath while the slurs were listed.

“They’ve also called me Walmart Melania,” DeSantis told Loesch. “Which, by the way… being in the same sentence with Melania? I consider that a major victory. So check that box.”

“I do shop at Walmart because I mean, you have young kids, they grow up like this,” she admitted.

Many have compared Casey DeSantis’ fashion sense to that of Melania Trump. Supporters claim that both bear a striking resemblance to the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Nancy Reagan in their choice of attire and poise.

The DeSantis clan is often seen together on the campaign trail with their children in tow.

During the treatments and the loss of her hair, DeSantis chose to wear wigs which she said made her self-conscious.

“That’s why when they criticize my hair now in these stupid articles or whatever, my hairline and they want to make fun of me,” DeSantis told Loesch.

“And, you know, I’m trending with Eddie Munster, you know, online on Twitter,” she remarked. “And it’s like, man, if you just even knew the half of it, you would not be saying a lot of this stuff, because I’m just thankful that I have a hairline.”

The Eddie Munster slam refers to her dramatic widow’s peak hairline.

“I had really struggled with some of the wigs because you know, that’s your image,” DeSantis stated. “And so, there was some that I thought were good. And I remember going out and doing an event where I was like – that was awful.”

“Like I will never wear that wig as long as I threw it away and it was not a good look. I learned though that I will never, you know, God willing when I get my hair back, I’m never going to do that look ever again,” she recounted.

Gov. DeSantis announced publically on October 4, 2021, that his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. On March 3, 2022, Casey DeSantis beat the odds and was deemed cancer-free.

DeSantis stood by his wife through her cancer fight. According to Casey DeSantis, the Florida governor was a doting husband and father during her struggle and was always there when she needed him.

Casey DeSantis covered a myriad of topics during the interview while pointing out that her husband intends to fight for Americans and the topics that most concern them.

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