Sarah Palin 2024 BOMBSHELL – She’s Making It Official!

Sarah Palin has gone on the record to officially predict what has been a slow burn on the web for some time now, which is that Michelle Obama will be the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee.

Polling has shown that President Biden’s age is a concern for voters — even a clear majority of Democrats — and his cognitive challenges only get worse. Last week he repeated the same story twice within a matter of minutes at a campaign event, and he mistakenly praised the “Congressional Black Caucus” while addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus — even worse, Biden not only flubbed LL Cool J’s name during that address, he drew accusations of “Deep South Racism” when he referred to the 55-year-old rapper as “boy.”

Palin responded to a tweet detailing a strategy on how California Gov. Gavin Newson (D) will become president to share this bombshell: “Don’t be surprised. But I still say it’ll be Michelle O’. After adding a #2024Election hashtag, she concluded, “Biden’s out.”

The tweet Palin responded to offered a fanciful theory that Kamala Harris would be forced to resign as vice president and sent to the Senate to replace outgoing Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Newson would then be tapped to fill that vacancy and once in office, Biden would be removed in one manner or another.

Adding to the president’s troubles, recent polling has shown Biden falling behind Donald Trump who is well ahead in the Republican presidential primary, and Biden’s disapproval rating hit the highest mark of his presidency in an NBC News poll out on Sunday.

Michelle Obama has consistently said she is not interested in running for office, but that’s little more than a placeholder in politics.

One thing is certain if Mrs. Obama should enter the race, the salivating media will make it their mission to ensure she is elected — just as they made it their mission in 2020 to ensure Trump was NOT elected.

Social media responses to the story, as unsavory as some were, can be seen below:

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