Shadowy network facilitating migrant crossings uncovered

James O’Keefe, the founder of OKeefe Media, has discovered secret facilities in Arizona that are being used to house illegal alien migrants and then transport them across the country.

In the video below, he visits a former Nogales bank that has been converted into the headquarters of Alitas Angels, a nonprofit that works with the American Red Cross:

“This is actually a local NGO organization where they have this sort of makeshift migrant facility. The Alitos Angels NGO take the migrants, walk them around the corner, and then load them onto busses,” O’Keefe says in the clip.

“There are buses bound for Phoenix, Sky Harbor, Tucson International Airport,” he adds.

Alita’s Angels is reportedly a brand-new nonprofit with no tax records on file. However, the nonprofit confirmed to an undercover journalist with O’Keefe’s group that it’s receiving federal money.

Regarding the American Red Cross workers that are assisting Alitas Angels, O’Keefe noted that one got real temperamental with him.

“One American Red Cross worker got really belligerent with me and and almost grabbed the camera and covered his badge so we couldn’t see it,” he said.

In one scene in the clip above, O’Keefe could be seen lecturing the American Red Cross worker for refusing to speak with him and answer his questions.

“I think that, as a public official who’s getting hundreds of millions of dollars in federal money …,” he began before being cut off.

Later in the clip, O’Keefe revealed how virtually nobody was willing to talk to him.

“The moment we showed up, they scattered incredibly like people with something to hide: locking doors, running away, hiding their badges in their vests,” he said.

They also copped attitudes.

“A volunteer with the American Red Cross, who wouldn’t give us his name, tried to prevent us from filming outside a migrant facility and kept sticking his hand over our cameras,” O’Keefe revealed in a tweet. “Then, when we questioned a volunteer with the NGO, she said ‘I am your father’ and stormed off.”

Worse, the workers falsely accused him and his staff of being racist.

“Nogales Police officers showed up and questioned us after Alitas and Red Cross workers falsely accused us of using racial slurs and inhibiting their movement,” according to the tweet.

“We tried to get the officer’s first name but he refused to give it. When we FOIAed the bodycam footage, we were told Nogales police don’t use them,” the tweet continues.

O’Keefe’s reporting caught the attention of billionaire Elon Musk, the owner of the social media platform X:

According to O’Keefe, the answer to Musk’s question is a resounding yes.

“Here, @RedCross is working right alongside Alitas putting illegal immigrants on busses and shipping them to location in Tucson where they are then shipped to phoenix sky harbor,” he wrote in response. “Also, the Red Cross are the first in at child camps. They leave once a NGO is contracted.”

Musk wasn’t pleased by the answer.

“I was told that not only is the Red Cross facilitating illegal immigration, they are being paid to do so by the Federal government, specifically the Dept of Homeland Security out of the FEMA budget!” he wrote back. “What the heck is going on!?”

Great question.

This reporting comes as millions of illegal alien migrants continue to stream across the southern U.S. border thanks to Democrat President Joe Biden’s veritable “open borders” policy.

The president is so keen on keeping the border wide open that he’s even sought to punish Texas for committing the supposed crime of trying to enforce the country’s immigration laws by its lone self.

“The Biden administration on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Texas over its controversial immigration law that gives local law enforcement in Texas the authority to arrest migrants, arguing the state ‘cannot run its own immigration system,’” CNN reported recently.

“The move comes after the Justice Department threatened last week to sue Texas if it didn’t back down from the measure. It marks the second legal action against the state this week, as President Joe Biden and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott spar over the handling of the US-Mexico border.”

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