Steve Bannon ‘CIVIL WAR’ Announcement – Please Read…

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon believes the expulsion of Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) from the halls of Congress could spark a ‘civil war’ in the GOP.

“This is McCarthy to screw MAGA,” Bannon, referring to former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), told his “War Room” podcast audience on Saturday. “This is a thing to jam up [current House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.)].”

“This is 100 percent McCarthy and his acolytes trying to make our job even tougher and even take away the majority,” Bannon stated. “This is 1,000 percent Kevin McCarthy. … This is the apparatus saying, ‘We’re going to shut down the ability to make massive cuts. We’re going to shut down your ability to stop the defunding of Ukraine. We’re going to stop your ability to have offsets for the Israeli aid. We’re going to stop anything you really want to do on the border.'”

“They want a civil war?” Bannon asked. “They got one.”

“And anybody who takes a penny from McCarthy, you’re part of the problem,” he added.

“So bring it,” he challenged the former speaker.

After serving New York’s 3rd district for less than a year, Santos was expelled from Congress in a 311-114 vote, the first time in two decades that such action has been taken.

The ousted lawmaker has pleaded not guilty to 23 federal counts related to campaign finance, wire fraud, and more, but he has yet to be convicted of any crime. It’s a dubious distinction. Santos is the only member of Congress to be shown the door without a conviction in hand.

“This is the uniparty” in action, Bannon said of the expulsion.

“This is the corporatists, this is Wall Street, this is Big Pharma, this is Silicon Valley, coupled with what you see coming out of Davos and Brussels with the American elite,” he stated.

“Santos is no day at the beach,” the controversial host admitted. “He is not a guy you want to defend. But it’s not about Santos.”

Bannon believes the “uniparty” will now be “coming after everybody, particularly the MAGA guys.”

“When they roll, they roll hard,” he said. “You got Judas Pence and Judas McCarthy.”

He called the ousting of Santos “a stab in the back” to “everybody who is trying to do the right thing” in Congress.

“So it’s game on,” Bannon said. “You want to roll like that, bro? Let’s roll like that.”

“This is why we turfed this guy out,” he said of McCarthy, adding, “Evil, corrupt to his core.”

On X, many are agreeing with Bannon’s assessment.


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