Sudden Ghislaine Maxwell REQUEST Could Mean The End!

The continuation of a 2020 lawsuit from Ghislaine Maxwell remained in doubt after a new filing contended the convicted sex trafficker’s failure to submit to court requests was grounds for dismissal of the case involving the estate of Jeffrey Epstein.

Lawyers representing the estate of the deceased sex offender, Epstein, filed a motion in the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands on Sept. 19 to dismiss a suit stretching back roughly three and a half years. As it happened, the original complaint and delay in proceedings revolved around the convict’s inability to pay her attorneys.

According to the motion filed with the court by estate executors Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn and obtained by Inside Edition, 180 days after Maxwell had been re-advised to obtain counsel during a March 17, 2023 hearing, she had failed to do so for a case in which she was capable of representing herself, they claimed.

“Maxwell’s counsel withdrew from his representation over one year ago and since that time, this case has lain dormant. Though the Court has granted her ample time to find new counsel and ordered her to do so, Maxwell has not done so,” read the filing.

“Additionally, to the extent Maxwell is unable to retain new counsel, nothing precludes her from litigating her claims pro se,” meaning for herself, the document continued, “but she has thus far declined to do so. Accordingly, the Court should dismiss Maxwell’s Complaint.”

In February, the former socialite’s original suit against the estate of Epstein had gone off the rails because of outstanding fees owed to her representation amounting to nearly $880,000. An effort to get her estranged husband to cover the costs had likewise failed prior to a $10 million settlement that was expected to allow her to retain counsel who had once represented Harvey Weinstein, attorney Arthur Aidala, in her appeal to overturn her conviction.

All of the legal proceedings connected back to her original attempt to secure “attorneys’ fees, security costs, costs to find safe accommodation and all other expenses Maxwell has reasonably incurred and will incur by reason of her prior employment relationship with Jeffrey E Epstein,” the lawsuit had read.

“Maxwell receives regular threats to her life and safety,” alleged the suit, “which have required her to hire personal security services and find safe accommodation.” It also asserted that a letter from the deceased sex offender promised, “that no matter what Maxwell chose to do, Epstein would always support Maxwell financially.”

It was unclear given the funds brought in from her aforementioned settlement and the retention of Aidala why Maxwell had not obtained counsel regarding the case in the Virgin Islands court. Meanwhile, the convicted sex trafficker with a scheduled release date set for July 2037, at which time she would be 75, had been dubbed “Prison Karen,” by fellow prisoners over repeatedly ratting out the behavior of fellow inmates in what one believed was an attempt to “eventually get a cube all to herself is she keeps stirring up trouble.”

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