Terror ‘Watchlist’ CHANGE UNDERWAY – They Just Confirmed It!

In a totally predictable development, terror suspects on watchlists have skyrocketed under President Biden as opposed to former President Trump.

(Video Credit: CBS 8 San Diego)

The change in rate is even more concerning as risks of genocidal terrorist attacks have increased in the aftermath of Hamas’ escalation in Israel and the doubling down of jingoism and war talk worldwide.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforcement statistics are indicating a massive increase in encounters with suspected terrorists at the Southern border. In fiscal year 2023, the record for encounters on the FBI terror watch list was shattered.

So far, 151 people have been confronted at the southern border that are on those watchlists. The stunning increase is higher than the previous six years combined. And that doesn’t count the ones that got away.

“The stats show that 0.0084% illegals encountered in FY 2023 were on the terror watchlist. Based on that rate and the 1.5 million gotaways, it would mean an additional 1,260 people on the terror watchlist have entered the U.S. completely unimpeded under Biden,” Summit News reported.

Even more shocking is that many of those trying to get across the southern border over the last two years are from the Middle East. That should frighten every American out there because we could very well be subjected to brutal terrorist attacks just as Israel was over the weekend.

Everything appears to be upside down now and the Biden administration is even making overtures about building a wall on the border.

“Meanwhile, CBP has recorded 2,206,039 overall Southwest borderland encounters between illegal immigrants and law enforcement officials in the first 11 months of fiscal year 2023. The number of monthly border crossings reached a record high of 252,230 in December and has remained above 100,000 since February 2021, President Joe Biden’s first full month in office,” The Christian Post reported.

“In August, the most recent month where data is available, [we] saw 232,972 illegal border crossings. Should the number of border crossings for September meet or exceed this number, fiscal year 2023 is on track to break the record 2,378,944 annual border crossings registered in fiscal year 2022,” the media outlet added.

The numbers are simply staggering.

“The number of Southwest borderland encounters between illegal immigrants and law enforcement officials since February 2021 adds up to 5,224,765. This figure exceeds the population of 28 U.S. states as measured by the 2020 U.S. Census,” The Christian Post commented.

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