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Ivanka’s life, as we know, has been a mix of sorts. As a teen, she was a runway model, and she’s been known to hang around the New York elite social scene. Plus, let’s not forget her self-named fashion brand that was housed in Trump Tower. 

The Ivanka we know today, though, is a bit different than the one we knew then. Walk with us (figuratively speaking, of course) as we take a look. 

Credit: Seventeen Magazine/Hearst Corporation

The eldest daughter of Donald Trump and middle child to Ivana Trump, Ivanka officially made her move into the family business when she received her degree in economics. In fact, she followed in Donald’s footsteps at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Credit: Ilana Wurman // Source: thedp.com

After college, she worked at a real estate company called Forest City Enterprises – which may sound confusing, seeing as she was born into her father’s legacy. However, she said in her book The Trump Card that it “meant that I could move on to the Trump Organization knowing I have something to offer beyond my last name.”

She switched over to the Trump Organization in 2005, which was the same year she met Jared Kushner. 

Credit: Getty Images

Ivanka moved forward as a well-known businesswoman with large feats such as founding Trump Towers with her two brothers. She started her family in 2011, plus what was once the Ivanka Trump fashion collection and fine jewelry line. 

Credit: Mark Wilson / Getty Images file

When Donald Trump campaigned and got elected in 2012, Ivanka was always his strong confidant. He even brought her out in rallies in his run for president. In 2017, she became a formal senior advisor to her father. She’s best known right now for her leadership in Pledge to America’s Workers and the Be Best initiative. 

We wonder – what’s next for Ivanka? 

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Fun fact: Melania’s wedding cake alone cost $50,000. Yes, you read that right. 

Credit: CEDRIC BARBERET // Source: lancasteronline.com

 Not to mention, it was seven tiers high! They had to use metal wires to hold it up. It weighed 200 pounds, measured 70 inches wide, and had 3,000 sugar roses on it. A girl can dream…

We’re throwing it back to the very start of Ivanka’s career – her modeling days. 

Credit: Rex

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