‘Tik Tok mutiny’ is US Army’s latest NIGHTMARE

The Army’s woes just keep getting worse with pampered Gen Z recruits now taking to TikTok to complain about low pay, the food, fitness tests, and just how inconvenient serving is.

The social media mutiny is adding to recruitment problems the military is experiencing under the leadership of Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden.

Multiple videos have surfaced of uniformed troops on US bases giving the figurative middle finger to the US military. They come as the Army fell short of its recruiting target once again, ending up 15,000 short of the 65,000 recruits needed for 2023.

The Army isn’t alone, the Navy also fell short by 10,000 and the Air Force will miss its target by about 10 percent.

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The US military is now the smallest it has been in over 80 years. In desperation, the Pentagon has issued a “national call of service” for recruits, something that could presage a draft.

In 2022, nine percent of young Americans aged between 16 and 21 considered signing up for military service according to the Pentagon. That’s down 13 percent from before the pandemic. The numbers have been sliding downward for some time now.

One of the videos from military influencer Anthony Laster absolutely hammers being in the Army and ends with “Go AirForce!”

“No Privacy, The Pay Sucks, Sh***y Food, Disrespectful Leadership, NO SLEEP!” the video that has been viewed over 600,000 times whines.

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“Laster, from Chicago, has more than a million followers on TikTok and made the public comments in uniform while on mission in the desert. In another post he claimed he spent his whole day watching TikToks while supposedly fighting the Taliban,” the Daily Mail reported.

“It gives a woeful impression of America’s fighting forces to potential recruits, which is likely to cause further animosity toward TikTok from critics. Politicians from both sides have concerns about the platform’s links with China and accuse it of pushing subversive anti-US propaganda,” the news outlet added.

It’s not just social media-obsessed pampered recruits that are failing the military. President Biden and his administration have unleashed “wokeness” within the ranks and have allegedly culled conservatives from the military. It’s now viewed by many as weak and perverse with its message of diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as drag shows and rampant political correctness.

Fitness is now a major problem in the military as well. Many recruits are woefully out of shape and in a word… fat.

“Around 23 percent of soldiers registered as obese in 2021, according to a recent study of data from the Military Health System Data Repository,” the Daily Mail noted. “Not only are recruits not fit enough to join, their fitness is also declining once they’re in the ranks leaving officials scrambling to install weight loss and exercise regimens.”

The new recruits are reportedly upset about having to maintain weight, being harshly treated by superiors, and having to do tasks they feel are beneath them rather than getting to engage on the battlefield.

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The complaining about pay is widespread as well and is a problem. Over 20,000 active-duty troops have been forced to go on food stamps just to make ends meet according to federal data.

The unrealistic expectations of young recruits are also striking. It’s something previous generations would have sneered at.

“Sergeant Barber, 25, filming himself in his uniform admits that he has already been ‘counseled because of a TikTok video’ nonetheless tells his 68,000 followers ‘before you head to the recruiting office, watch this video… If you don’t like your freedom being suppressed a little, not really, then I wouldn’t join the military,'” the Daily Mail wrote.

“As well as cautioning against fantasies of getting rich in the army, Barber also says life in the military is ‘mopping those floors 99 percent of the time’ rather than war combat. ‘Even if you deploy you probably won’t see combat today in this world so if that’s your mindset. Don’t join!'” the outlet continued.

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The recruits putting out the videos could face disciplinary measures. Especially those released via TikTok which is a platform ostensibly controlled by the communist Chinese.

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