Trump MYSTERY PHOTO Sparks Health Rumors…

Critics seem to be running out of ways to attack former President Donald Trump.

A photo shared of Trump online recently sparked a wave of responses after it was suggested that the Republican presidential candidate may have something physically wrong with him.

The photo was evidently taken by a guest at Trump’s New Year’s Eve gathering at his Palm Beach home and was shared by former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski on X.

“Trump last night with Dominica Ambassador to UN. Ear looks weird,” the Trump critic wrote, incorrectly identifying the man with Trump in the photo.

Philbert Aaron is the current United Nations ambassador from Dominica. However, the man in the photo appears to be the former Dominican ambassador to the UN, Paolo Zampoll, a longtime friend of Trump.

But Flipkowski and other X users seemed more concerned with Trump’s “weird” ear than his guest list.

The photo has been viewed over 1.2 million times on the social media platform and generated thousands of responses, with many wondering if Trump was displaying a scar from cosmetic surgery.

Others theorized that the photo proved the former president is really an “alien” or is wearing a mask.

Naturally, experts needed to be called in on the riveting story.

“Without a high resolution photo it is difficult to say objectively. The very extended position of his head means that light, and therefore shadows, falls on his face differently,” Andrew Douglas, a consultant facial surgeon, told Newsweek.

“This is the phenomenon that medical tattooing uses or when makeup is used to alter the perceived size/shape of parts of the face/body,” the UK-based doctor added.”I would suggest the strongest sign is the religious manner of his hair always covering the top of the ear from a minimal sideburn which would hide the most likely visible part of a scar as seen from the front.”

With the 2024 presidential election in sight, it seems Trump critics and the left-leaning media are grasping at anything that would paint the GOP frontrunner in a bad light.

Trump hosted the New Year’s gala at his Mar-a-Lago resort home in Florida. Noticeably absent was his wife Melania Trump but the former president reportedly explained her absence to guests.

“Melania—great First Lady, so popular, the people love her—she’s now in a hospital with her mother. Her mother, Amalija, is very ill, but hopefully she’ll be recovering,” he reportedly said at the event.

“But she’s been very ill, so I just want to say ‘hello’ to the First Lady—we just spoke, down in Miami, great hospital—and hopefully they’ll be ok, but it’s a tough one, it’s a very tough one,” he added.

“She knows probably about 95% of the people in this room. We just want to wish Amalija that she gets better as quickly as possible,” Trump said.


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