Trump RESPONDS To Melania Marriage Speculation!

Because of incessant media rumors about Melania Trump distancing herself from her husband’s campaign and business, former President Trump is setting the record straight.

He asserted that the former first lady believes the latest attack against him by New York Attorney General Letitia James amounts to election meddling. Trump also claims that she will join his campaign when needed, but for right now, she’s focusing on being a mother to their son, Barron.

He made the comments during his trip to New York for his civil fraud trial this week. As he walked into the courtroom on Tuesday, a reporter barraged him with questions about his wife and what she thought of the $250 million fraud trial he is mired in along with his two oldest sons and the Trump Organization.

“She thinks it’s a total disgrace; she thinks it’s very, very unfair, and all that it is is election interference,” Trump candidly told the reporter. “It’s all election interference, and it all starts with the DOJ. It starts with Biden.”

James has been on a crusade to take Trump down, accusing him of inflating the worth of his assets and net worth to defraud banks, insurers, and other entities.

“Melania has remained largely out of the public spotlight since leaving the White House in 2021, even as her husband has mounted his third presidential bid and as he faces an onslaught of legal challenges, including four indictments that required him to appear in court himself. The former first lady often appeared beside her husband throughout his 2016 campaign and his presidency but has not been seen on the 2024 campaign trail or at any of her husband’s various arraignments,” Newsweek reported.

In September, during an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, Trump was asked if his wife would be joining him on the campaign trail.

“Yeah. Pretty soon. When it’s appropriate, but pretty soon,” Trump replied, stating that she was busy taking care of their son. “She’s a private person, a great person, a very confident person. And she loves our country very much.”

(Video Credit: NBC News)

Trump has spoken about his wife’s desire for privacy before.

“I think part of the beauty is that mystery,” he told Megyn Kelly during an interview in September. “She doesn’t need to be out there. She has confidence. She has a lot of self-confidence.”

The former president described Melania Trump as “a very popular first lady” that has many fans.

“While she has kept a low profile, Melania did sit down for an interview with Fox News in May, during which she addressed her husband’s presidential campaign, vowing to support him and return to the White House with him should he win in 2024,” Newsweek continued.

“We look forward to restoring hope for the future and leading America with love and strength,” she remarked at the time.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

The media is still awash with hope that there is trouble in the Trump marriage and keep sowing the seeds of discord at every available opportunity.

“Public relations expert Jane Owen previously told Newsweek that staying out of the spotlight was a smart move for Melania, who would have ‘more room’ to navigate her husband’s legal challenges and 2024 bid,” Newsweek reported.

“If he wins the nomination, she can decide at that point to support him, and she can give any reason she likes as to where she’s been. Perhaps she might even wait to see how his legal issues pan out,” Owens told the leftist news outlet. “Either way, staying out of the spotlight right now gives her a wide berth to come back whenever she wants at her own time with her own interests in the forefront.”

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