Trump Unveils DIRT On Hillary Clinton’s Helper!

After “numerous false, phony or made-up allegations” were used to attempt to sideline his 2016 White House bid, former President Donald Trump asserted he had the evidence ready for court to expose the truth behind the Clinton campaign-connected Steele dossier.

In addition to the legal battles being fought stateside, Trump has undergone a continuous effort to clear his name over the “perverted sexual” claims that were made about him in the previously discredited dossier produced by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

Monday, a two-day hearing began in a London High Court wherein the president sought approval to present evidence disproving any claims that Russia was somehow connected to supporting his 2016 presidential election and that he had engaged in “sex parties” while in Russia, or any of the other acts purported in the dossier that would have provided “sufficient material to blackmail me.”

Reporting on the court filings made Monday, Reuters indicated that Trump’s written witness statement read in part, “The only way that I can fully demonstrate the total inaccuracies of the personal data in the dossier is to bring these proceedings and to prove, by evidence at trial, that the data are false.”

The president’s case was being made against Orbis Business Intelligence, Steele’s private investigations firm, which Trump alleged violated British data protection laws when the dossier was leaked and subsequently used by the Democratic Party, determined to have funded its creation, to tarnish his reputation as they sought to get former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton elected president.

“A judgment of the English court on this issue will be an immense relief to me as it will completely confirm the true position to the public at large,” asserted Trump’s statement regarding the “numerous false, phony or made-up allegations.”

Adding to the president’s case, his attorney Hugh Tomlinson said in court that Trump “intends to discharge that burden by giving evidence in court.”

“President Trump brings the case because he seeks vindication of his legal rights,” Tomlinson told the High Court.

“Until there is such a judgment,” the former commander-in-chief argued, “I continue to suffer damage and distress as a result of people wrongfully believing that the data in the dossier is accurate.”

Taking to Truth Social, the former president emphasized the position he was in with an array of legal battles and how he perceived that to be reflective of the nation, “I’ve got eight separate lawsuits going on that have been started, or strongly influenced by, the Biden Administration, for purposes of Election interference. No wonder our Country is doing so badly in EVERYTHING, and is the laughingstock of the World!”

For their part, Orbis argued the case should be dismissed as the dossier was never meant to be published, all their copies had been destroyed in 2017 and the alleged damage to Trump’s reputation was a result of BuzzFeed’s publication of the dossier “for which (Trump) accepts Orbis is not liable.”

The company’s attorney Anthony White also claimed the lawsuit was “brought for the purpose of harassing Orbis and Mr Steele and pursuing longstanding grievances.”

White further argued to the court that Trump “has a long history of repeatedly bringing frivolous, meritless and vexatious claims for the purpose of vexing and harassing perceived enemies and others against whom he bears a grudge.”

The case against Orbis and Steele marked Trump’s third attempt to the High Court as ABC News indicated it had twice ruled the parties “were not legally liable for the consequences of the dossier’s publication.”

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