U.S. Government Calls For Assassinations…

The United States is now calling for targeted assassinations of Hamas leaders in an attempt to rescue hostages taken in the genocidal acts against Israel on October 7.

The targeted assassination of Hamas leaders is not new for Israel. They take them out at every opportunity and Mossad is in a class by itself when it comes to taking out terrorists. They have done so in Gaza and abroad. The difference between Israel and the US is that Israel does not brag or telegraph their military operations.

Despite that fact, US leaders felt it incumbent on themselves to lecture the Israelis and admonish them that instead of a tactical incursion meant to flush out Hamas members from their tunnels and holes, they should focus on targeted assassinations of Hamas leaders, destroying its 300-mile tunnel network, and rescuing the remaining 129 hostages.

“According to US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, the shift would be ‘transitioning to the next phase of operations.’ A practical strategy, if the US had to be taken at face value. However, the US call for Israel to return to targeted assassinations reinforces the normalization of such a strategy, which it has employed since 1948 and more than any other nation, spanning 2,300 operations in seven decades,” the Palestinian-friendly Middle East Monitor reported.

“As a result, Israel has solidified impunity on two levels which serve its colonization plans: targeted assassinations are now a political necessity, according to the US. And Israel’s bombing of Gaza is now reduced to a preliminary phase, which consolidates the absence of accountability,” the media outlet added.

This leftist logic is being echoed by the Associated Press no less, “American officials have called for targeted operations aimed at killing Hamas leaders, destroying tunnels, and rescuing hostages. U.S. President Joe Biden warned on Dec. 12 that Israel is losing international support because of its ‘indiscriminate bombing.'”

“Far too many civilians have been killed in Gaza, as pointed out among others also by the French, German and UK Foreign Ministers. Certainly, we are witnessing an appalling lack of distinction in Israel’s military operation in Gaza,”

EU’s Foreign Affairs High Representative, Josep Borrell wrote on X. He is just one of many global critics of Israel’s military operations.

Borrell wants another “humanitarian pause” to free hostages. President Biden is pushing the same concept instead of the eradication of Hamas.

While the Middle East Monitor labels Israel’s retaliation as genocide, they conveniently forget that Hamas was the one that attacked innocent Israelis, slaughtering over 1,200 of them on Oct. 7 while taking hundreds of hostages. They raped, tortured, and butchered as they went. It is unfathomable that Israel is being asked to stand down so its enemies can regroup to kill even more of them.

“The silence over Israel’s genocide in Gaza speaks as loud as the statements that promote genocide through humanitarian pauses. Over 19,400 Palestinians have been murdered since 7 October, and 52,286 injured. According to Euro-Med Monitor, Israel increased its killing of Palestinian civilians by 40 percent since the end of the humanitarian pause,” the Middle East Monitor claimed.

The United Nations has given the appearance of being anti-Israel in all of this. They have delayed a vote on a resolution calling for ceasing all hostilities and releasing the remaining Israeli hostages. Even if and when the vote comes, it is unlikely to make a difference one way or the other. Hamas is not calling for a ceasefire. They are making demands that Israel stop fighting them. There’s a big difference. And in the end, the UN will continue to blame Israel.

The outrage spewed from the Middle East Monitor and other Hamas-friendly media outlets is neverending.

“The US requested a milder tone, which resulted in ‘urgent and lasting cessation of hostilities’ to be watered down to ‘urgent suspension of hostilities.’ And, on the other side of the world, equally invested in Israel’s genocide of Palestinians, Borrell’s rhetoric is on a par with the US. Humanitarian pauses are now normalized, and the outcome is genocide. Hamas, meanwhile, resumes its position at the helm of Israel’s security narrative over Gaza,” the Middle East Monitor railed.

“And, while Israel takes its time deciding when to stop bombing Gaza and proceed with targeted assassinations with the full blessings of the US, a status quo resembling that of the past is brought into existence. No matter that a different scenario now exists – Gaza is utterly destroyed, its population murdered, injured, and displaced at an unprecedented rate – the next phase of absolving Israel is in full swing,” the Middle East Monitor wailed.

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