Vladimir Putin ASSASSINATION Emergency – Inside Plot Reported!

Russia’s secret service has allegedly found evidence of one of its own agents boasting about an assassination plot against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This latest attempt shows how unstable Putin’s regime has actually become. The Russian secret service is now attempting to track down the agent from “within its own ranks.”

An informant reportedly told the agency about an “agent” boasting he had been given a “task” to “remove” Putin, according to the Telegram channel VChK-OGPU.

“The Russian channel, which is claimed to have close links to security agencies and law enforcement, said the claim was discussed at a meeting in karaoke club Honey, in Chekhov, near Moscow,” GBN reported.

The alleged FSB agent is said to have shown the informant, Mikhail Yurchenko, 37, a construction industry entrepreneur, his service ID card during a “long heart-to-heart conversation about the war and future life in Russia.”

The informant “did not argue and changed the topic” but became “haunted” following the threat to Putin’s life and went to the police with it.

“The special services have been searching for several days for the unknown person who planned to ‘remove’ Putin,” VChK-OGPU reported. “Based on his tip, operatives went to study the situation in the Honey Club, where… you can often meet employees of various [secret] departments.”

Putin, 71, is no fool and understands that he lives under constant threat of assassination. It is rumored that he regularly changes his travel routes and where he stays out of an abundance of caution. He takes security very, very seriously. But this latest claim could also be more propaganda.

“Reports have also suggested he regularly employs a body double at various official events around Russia to keep up his ‘man of the people’ appearance, while really hiding in his various boltholes,” the Daily Mail wrote.

(Video Credit: CBS Mornings)

The Russian president has been seen out among his people and in the countryside recently more often than over the last few years. He rails against Ukraine over the war and the United States frequently these days.

According to GBN, “It is thought he will make an announcement that he will seek a new six-year term in the Kremlin as elections are due in March 2024.”

While many diplomats, spies, and officials have commented that they expect Putin to stay in power for life, there has yet to be any confirmation of his plans to run in the 2024 presidential vote. But that could change at any moment.

“He told students at the International Financial Security Olympiad in Sochi that he had many admirers in Europe who shared his traditional values,” the media outlet noted.

“I want to defend our friends. We have a lot of friends in Europe… People who believe that traditional values, including the family, have died out,” Putin stated.

He added that those in the West “behave very aggressively, particularly in North America and Europe.”

“But there are quite a lot of people in European countries who share our values. I’d say a lot. They simply behave more quietly and don’t show off their opinion. That’s why I wouldn’t split everyone. On the contrary, I want to try to unite everyone around our platform,” Putin proclaimed, according to GBN.

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