WATCH: Pelosi COMES CLEAN – On National Television…

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just stunned viewers on national television by admitting that she thinks states should decide who’s allowed to run for president of the United States.

This would give states like California the ability to drop former President Trump from the ballot if she got her way. Many feel her actions aren’t about protecting “democracy” but about pure, unadulterated power.

Pelosi told CNN’s Dana Bash on Thursday that although “martyr” Donald Trump could be the beneficiary from the “raw politics” of being removed from state presidential ballots, it’s the “kitchen table issues” that are important to American voters.

“Two states, Colorado and Maine, have now removed Donald Trump from their primary ballots,” Bash told Pelosi during the interview. “They cited his role in the Jan. 6th insurrection. Trump is challenging these decisions; the Supreme Court will likely decide. Do you think it’s a good idea for states to remove Donald Trump from their ballots?”

(Video Credit: CNN)

Pelosi’s answer was unsurprising and in total lockstep with the Democratic Party, as usual.

“That’s up to the states,” Pelosi replied, parsing her words carefully, emphasizing “states” rather than “voters.”

“What I think is a good idea, for us to make sure people know what is at risk in the election. I won’t go into the courts and the law and all of that. Different states have different laws. We have a different law in California relating to that. But what’s important is what matters to the American people and their families at that kitchen table. And you have to keep bringing it back to that because that’s what is important to our country. But what happened on January 6th is related to that,” she said, attempting to use the Capitol riot as a justification for using third-world political tactics.

Bash brushed aside the Constitution.

“Do you believe, though — I know you don’t want to talk about the constitutional questions — but just on the raw politics of this, do you agree with some who worry that trying to take him off the ballot is making him a martyr and emboldening Donald Trump even more?” Bash asked Pelosi.

“Again, in each of those states, that’s a matter that they will have to deal with,” Pelosi reemphasized and then sneered, “Martyrdom is his thing.”

Pelosi’s response shows how much the Left despises Trump, his supporters, and conservatives in general. It also indicates to what lengths they will go to keep him off the ballot and out of the White House.

“He cannot be absolved from his accountability on all of this,” she asserted. “No one is above the law; neither is he. So, these are manifestations of people saying that. That’s up to them to say. It’s up to the American people to honor our oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, to address the kitchen table issues. And, the economy is a big kitchen table issue.”

Legal analyst Jonathan Turley slammed the move by Democrats on X, “Dozens of Democratic members have already called for the disqualification of up to 126 Republican colleagues under the same sweeping theory used against Trump. These efforts could easily place this country on a slippery slope to political chaos.”

Even former Obama advisor David Axelrod sees what keeping Trump off state ballots would do to the country.

“I have very, very strong reservations about all of this,” Axelrod told CNN in an interview. “I do think it would rip the country apart if he were actually prevented from running because tens of millions of people want to vote for him. I think if you’re going to beat Donald Trump, you’re going to probably have to do it at the polls.”

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