Whistleblower exposes thriving Amazon community that impacts Middle East

A whistleblower exposed a thriving pro-Hamas community among Amazon workers using company resources to push anti-Israel sentiments.

Havens of antisemitism have cropped up on college campuses, at hospitals and in work places of all kinds since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7. Now, according to a programmer at Amazon, a Slack channel with over 3,000 members used for internal communications was said to be silencing Israeli employees to advance claims the Middle Eastern nation was guilty of genocide and apartheid.

Reported by Jewish Legal News, it was explained that, “The issue came to light following the sharing of flyers with symbols associated with Palestine in Amazon’s offices across the world and on the company’s internal wiki on November 29, 2023.”

“The flyers displayed a watermelon, shaped like the Jewish state of Israel, which was interpreted as a call to destroy the existing state of Israel,” JLN explained before detailing calls of “from the river to the sea” were issued on the Slack channel to accompany the flyer seeking to raise money for a relief organization banned by Israel over alleged links to Hamas, Islamic Relief Worldwide.

The report included a number of posts from the channel in question with one credited to Amazon employee Laith Abad that read, “[I don’t know] how Palestine gets their freedom, but simply asking nicely isn’t the solution.”

Ambiguity was left behind in a Slack post from employee Zaid Akel who expressed, “I missed this thread, but it seems that someone was trying to convince the group to condemn Hamas? If that’s the case, is it for beheading babies that was never proved? Or for treating prisoners well as the prisoners said (which can’t be concealed based on the videos we saw anyway)? Or for defending themselves as the occupied party?”

“I stand with any and every revolution against their occupiers, so I stand with Hamas,” affirmed Akel. “Even if Hamas is destroyed as a militant group (which will never happen), Hamas is an idea, so there will be hundreds of Hamas with different names.”

Hardly the behavior of a few bad apples, the channel’s moderator, Carl Hage, even called out Israeli Amazon employees for their efforts to counter the terrorist narratives and was credited for having said, “Any subsequent responses/posts from the 5 of you at this point will be considered harassment and will be removed,” after naming specific people who were said to have posted against the prevailing view of “Arabs at Amazon and allies.”

Hage went on to say, “I’m the leader and moderator of this community which is created with an intent to support Arab employees at Amazon and help raise awareness to allies of our Arab community within Amazon.”

“Genocide and apartheid supporters going after our members, trying to argue every little point in order to invalidate viewpoints and make it seem like this channel is only full of misinformation or that the points being made are debatable does not serve the interests of this community,” he continued and added, “Call it an echo chamber all you like, there are many echo chambers in Amazon that serve the needs of other employees and their views, this one is ours.”

Meanwhile, JLN also indicated that as Amazon employee Sasha Troufanov was said to be among hostages still held captive by Hamas, the global retailer had yet to issue a statement on the matter. However, the Amazon Labor Union Democratic Reform Caucus has remained firmly on the side of Hamas and had previously issued a statement promoting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) against Israel, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza while claiming to “stand against all forms of discrimination towards our Muslim and Jewish brothers and sisters.”

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