White House EVIDENCE “Goes Missing” After Crime!

Pinpointing the culprit behind cocaine left at the White House quite literally hinged on locating a “key” piece of evidence “reported lost.”

The same two-tiered system of justice that tracked down hundreds of Americans who had been in the area of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, but couldn’t narrow down who of the select number of employees at the Supreme Court leaked the opinion that overturned Roe, had some conveniently bleak insight into the mysterious drugs located just prior to Independence Day.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, U.S. Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi explained that the key that opened locker No. 50 where the cocaine had been discovered on July 2 had been “reported lost.”

The Mail detailed that the list of suspects had thus far only been narrowed down to 500 because there were no cameras directly viewing the lockers and guests were permitted to choose the locker they use and take the corresponding key.

However, while the key was said to missing, an additional piece of evidence was said to contain DNA according to 112 pages of Freedom of Information Act requested documents reviewed by the outlet as well as Judicial Watch.

Therein, the chain of custody for “Item #2,” which was listed as an “envelope containing (3) tubes” of “DNA secondary evidence from Item #1,” was detailed with “Item #1” ‘being the cocaine itself.

“I don’t know exactly what was in the tubes but in terms of destruction, there is a retention schedule that must be followed and the time to keep evidence depends on the type of evidence it is and the disposition status of the case,” explained Guglielmi.

In addition to the caged answers from the Secret Service spokesman, the Mail indicated that the FOIA documents left matters unclear as to whether “any interviews were ever conducted — and if not, why those did not occur.”

As it happened, in the wake of the discovery, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan had notably attempted to blame the presence of cocaine on any of the construction workers handling renovations of the nearby Situation Room on July 7, just days after the drugs had been discovered.

“I would make a point about the Situation Room because I think there’s been a lot of questionable reporting on this. The Situation Room is not in use and has not been in use for months because it is currently under construction,” he said during a press briefing. “We are using an alternate Situation Room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. So the only people coming in and going out of the Sit Room in this period have been workers who are getting it ready to go.”

Former President Donald Trump had also weighed in on the controversy during a July interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo when he suggested that the Secret Service was well aware of who had been behind the illicit drugs.

“You know,” said Trump, “I’ve gotten to know the Secret Service really well, ok, and I can’t speak more highly of people, these are incredible people. And I believe that they know everything — they’re really smart and really good at what they do.”

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