White House Sends EMERGENCY Directive To Staffers!

The Biden administration’s preoccupation with electric vehicles and other “sustainable” travel measures shows no sign of abating, even as car dealers across America cry out about EV inventories growing amid the struggle to get Americans to even consider a test drive.

In addition to imposing federal regulations to mandate that two out of every three vehicles sold in the United States in 2032 will be battery electric, the administration has issued a directive instructing civil servants “to rent electric vehicles on official travel when the cost of that vehicle is less than or equal to the most affordable comparable option,” The Hill reported.

What’s more, they are to look for EV taxis when possible — all in the name of saving the planet, of course.

“Employees will also opt for cost-competitive EV options, where available, when using taxis and ride share platforms. This will save taxpayer money and reduce pollution that jeopardizes people’s health and fuels the climate crisis,” the White House said in a fact sheet released Thursday.

The White House said the “new commitments will save taxpayers money by increasing the use of EVs and taking other cost-effective actions on clean transportation associated with business travel for the Federal workforce.”

The directive to prioritize sustainable transportation options while on official travel says government workers “will use rail for trips less than 250 miles when cost-effective and available, instead of taking an airplane or vehicle… Federal employees will use public transit (e.g., subway, bus, light rail) when conducting local travel.”

While this may prompt President Biden to offer yet another rendition of the thoroughly debunked tale about him accumulating well over a million miles on Amtrak, it’s hard to imagine the elitist lawmakers in DC taking advantage of public transportation.

“We’re adding another element to consider when federal employees travel on government business,” Robin Carnahan, administrator of the General Services Administration, said during a Thursday press conference. “It’s going to be [the] most expeditious, most cost-effective and most sustainable.”

Given its comfort with mandates, the administration is requiring agencies to tell the White House about how they plan to follow the directive, according to The Hill.

“Agencies will have 120 days from today’s announcement to report to OMB and the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) on the plans and actions they have taken to carry out the policy and goals of the OMB Memorandum,” the fact sheet stated.

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