White House TARGETS Journalist – After Photos Spread!

Calling out White House “weirdos” landed Libs of TikTok her own personal attack from President Joe Biden’s administration for supposed “cruel and unacceptable” actions.

Though better known by her X handle, since she was doxxed by The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz, Chaya Raichik has been just as active under her real name as her pseudonym. Recently she shined some social media sunlight on the Department of Interior and earned herself a White House rebuke for the effort.

“This,” wrote Raichik of an image of Tyler Cherry initially presented without commentary, “is the Communications Director for the Secretary of Interior.”

Through her LoTT account, she later made reference to the “very interesting X history” of the “queer spokesperson” that included “propagating the Russia hoax, saying healthcare is racist and transphobic, suggesting Trump won [because] of white supremacy, promoting pronouns, and basically calling everyone racist.”

Raichik also noted on her personal account, “Biden admin try not to hire total weirdos challenge = impossible.”

As part of an article from The Advocate that referred to the “recent honoree in Forbes 2023 30 under 30 list” as the target of “a series of derogatory posts,” the outlet obtained a statement from an unnamed White House spokesperson who said, “No one should be targeted simply for being themselves. It is cruel and unacceptable. This is an administration that believes to our core in the principle that out of many we are one — and we are proud that people who serve in it reflect those values as well. Tyler is an invaluable member of our team who continues to deliver for the Department of Interior and the American people.”

Further cited was Elliot Imse, the executive director of the LGBTQ+ Victory Institute who issued a statement that read, “It is difficult to comprehend the immorality and wickedness of people who launch these attacks without understanding it is a tactic to drive qualified LGBTQ+ people out of public life. Our LGBTQ+ appointees are facing an increasing number of attacks from those threatened by a world that is leaving their intolerant kind behind. While this ugliness is damaging and disgusting, many more Americans stand with Tyler and other LGBTQ+ appointees than stand with these bigots. Tyler is a true public servant and it is great to see all the online love being sent their way.”

While there appeared to be no direct response from Raichik on the attention the White House had bestowed upon her, through her Libs account she had compiled some other well-known figures of the administration and guests of Biden who’d made waves during his tenure.

Featured in a collage were Assistant Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services Adm. Rachel Levine, Bud Light boycott-bringer Dylan Mulvaney, bare-breasted “Pride” celebrant Rose Montoya, U.S. Army Major Rachel Jones behind a placard proclaiming his pronouns were “she/her” and disgraced former Biden nuclear official and alleged luggage thief Sam Brinton along with Cherry.

For good measure, Raichik also added a couple more images of Cherry with credit to the account I Meme Therefore I Am.

National press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign Brandon Wolf had also taken a stab at LoTT and told The Advocate via text message, “Shame on those who peddle hate for clicks and cheap political points. We are grateful for the work of these talented public servants and the inspiration they bring to so many.”

The attacks against Raichik came amidst an ongoing struggle against Big Tech and just days after she had reportedly been demonetized on social media for unclear reasons. While Elon Musk personally responded “Will find out,” and the account was remonetized, it remained unclear what the cause had been as the Biden administration filed a lawsuit related to their connections with social media companies and reported efforts to silence and suppress unfavorable narratives.

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