Whoopi insists she’s on ‘fake’ Epstein list going around, not the REAL one

Whoopi Goldberg hammered rumors swirling that she is on the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “list,” asserting there’s a fake one with her name on it making the rounds.

The co-host of “The View” commented on the “list” Thursday following a trove of documents being unsealed that named many Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and power brokers. The leftist actress admonished viewers that they should verify things being said about her before they ran with it.

The segment kicked off with co-host Sunny Hostin discussing the documents that were unsealed in a lawsuit that was filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who was one of Epstein’s purported victims, against his cohort Ghislaine Maxwell.

Hostin contended that just because someone’s name was in the documents, it didn’t mean they were guilty of predatory sexual behavior, noting that some were acquaintances of Epstein and probably had no idea what he was doing.

“Just because your name is on the documents doesn’t mean that you have done anything criminally irresponsible or illegal or civilly irresponsible or illegal,” Hostin stated. “Being named in this suit does not equate to being accused of wrongdoing … I think that is extremely important because conspiracy theorists seem to not understand or enjoy facts.”

Goldberg interjected, agreeing with Hostin’s premise, asserting, “Let me bring that up, the conspiracy theory folks. Because you know — I have to explain because there was a fake list … and I’m on it.”

You were on the island?” Hostin kidded her co-host.

Goldberg replied, “Apparently.”

“I — I was — I don’t know, they say I was on the island, they say — and I’m like, I don’t go anywhere!” Goldberg responded defensively. “So I’m just going to say, and there’s been a lot of stuff recently, I don’t know what I’ve done to anybody, apparently there are a lot of these, these kinds of sites that are — what do you call them — they’re satire sites, but people don’t realize that they can be harmful.”

“So let me just get my part out,” she added. “I never got kicked out of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant; never got kicked out of Guy Fieri’s restaurant; I didn’t get kicked off Bill Maher’s show; I didn’t get into a fight with Oprah backstage here at ‘The View.’ I mean it just goes — it’s insane.”

Co-host Joy Behar butted in, attempting to be funny. She failed.

“But are you having George Clooney‘s baby? That’s what I want to know,” Behar asked.

Goldberg responded by saying that sites “get away with posting all sorts of garbage and they call it satire. But I’m saying this now: As we’re talking about this, people who post these things should be very careful, because once someone is cleared of your insanity, they’re gonna call their lawyer on you.”

Before ending the segment, Goldberg told the audience that she had nothing to hide.

“Back to me,” she said. “Don’t believe unless I tell you about me. You’ll know if I am doing something. I’ll let you know! I have nothing to hide. I don’t care what people think. If I like doing it, I’m gonna let you know.”

“But if they told you Oprah was backstage and you didn’t see Oprah on the show … It’s so insane! And you know I don’t go anywhere! Unless I tell you I went somewhere. OK? Are we good?” Goldberg concluded.

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